Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for something but can’t see it on our site? There might be a reason, here are some of the common questions we receive, answered here to make it easy for you!

Want to volunteer?

Unfortunately at this time we have no vacancies for volunteers. Please visit the DIY page for ideas of actions you can take by yourself or join our ambassador program.

Doing a research assignment?

Please start here, unfortunately we don’t have time to respond to each individual request so we do our best to provide information here on the site to get you started on your research. Please read it.

How can we recycle plastic in Cambodia?

All plastic is really bad for our health and environment. So the best choice is to stop using plastic all together, or reuse certain plastics such as lunch boxes. The ways to reuse plastic are available on the page for individuals. In Cambodia there are no recycling plants. There is an informal system of recycling workers, called edjai, who take plastic bottles, cans, cardboard and some other items deemed valuable that they can sell to recycling depots who transport the waste to other countries, like Thailand and Vietnam, where it gets recycled. This local system is the best option, keep these things separate and let the edjai know the place you’ll put it that they can collect from.

Do PFC recycle?

PFC don’t recycle but we can help you reduce your consumption through our consulting and education programs.

Where can I take my plastic bags?

Please contact Rehash Trash.

Where do I get the biodegradable cassava bags?

Please order online at

Where can I refill my drink bottle?

The Refill Not Landfill program have an interactive map on their website. They also sell bottles in bulk for businesses.

How can I reduce?

Tips : + Keep all things in one plastic bag. + Get a shopping basket so you don’t need to use plastic bags. + Use refillable water bottle. + Use the chan srak/lunch box. + Don’t use plastic straws. See more on the DIY page.

How is garbage collected in Cambodia?

There are two dominant waste collection companies in Cambodia; Gaea – operating in Kampot and Siem Reap and Cintri – operating in Phnom Penh, Battambang and Kampong Cham. KSWM (Kampong Som Waste Management) operate the waste collection in Sihanoukville. Waste Collection Company of Kratie City collect the rubbish in Kratie.

Who created this campaign?

The PFJ campaign (Plastic Free July) was created in 2011 in Australia. PFC in Cambodia was started by Sarah Rhodes in Siem Reap in 2015. Since then, we have been running education workshops, joining environmental awareness events, speaking at conferences and are now doing consultations with organisations and businesses throughout Southeast Asia.

What does this campaign do?

The PFC aims to educate and motivate for less plastic consumption. We do consulting and education about reducing use of plastic, to help with waste management, about climate change, environment, health and ecosystems. We are actively involved in, and host, important initiatives and events in communities across Cambodia.

Why did you start PFC?

Because PFC can help a lot of the people in Cambodia and Southeast Asia learn about our amazing planet and environment and know about plastic and its danger to our health and environment. Globally plastic over-consumption has become a critical problem, we want to be involved in the solution.

When did you start this program?

PFC started in 2015 in Cambodia. We’ve now worked throughout the Southeast Asia region.

How did you start PFC?

To begin with we ran only the PFJ campaign, then due to demand, we began organising education and training, creating awareness and action and providing consultation and advice.
PFC aims to be 100% self-funded within the next couple of years. As a professional start-up, we still need investors and sponsors to accelerate the program in order to reach this goal. Every customer of PFC is helping us to reach sustainability so we can continue to work on green solutions for a healthy future.
We design and deliver important initiatives to increase awareness and encourage in tackling the over consumption of plastic. We rely on the support of businesses and charitable organisations to make this important work happen. Therefore we don’t offer discounts or free workshops at this time.

What is the impact of tourism on plastic pollution?

Most hotels provide a lot of room amenities, bottled water, plastic bags, take away packaging, straws, straws, STRAWS packaged in plastic! And that’s just the plastic we can see as a customer, what about the rest that is used for laundry, the kitchen, staff meals and more.
There are 818 properties currently* listed on for Siem Reap alone!!
What does that mean for local communities? So many impacts! Waste management is basic at best, recycling barely exists, the drive of the tourism industry affects locals in many ways (community, economical – not as good as you might think, environmentally and socially). For plastic alone we can see an increase in brand names like Starbucks, therefore turning locals into consumers of these products too – and with more consumption comes a tide of plastic. Where does it all go? In the canals, on the road, in the rivers, in the ocean and in the jungles around the temples. Some makes it to landfill, but not enough. The rest is burned, causing a myriad of unmeasured environmental and health problems.

Videos about plastic

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Want to help?

  • As a start up business, we are grateful for any financial support you want to give!
  • Do it yourself! This mission takes all of us, check out the DIY page for tips on how to start your plastic free life.
  • Become an ambassador! PFC Plastic Fighter’s is a program to help you go plastic free and be a leader in your community.
  • Book us! By using our services you are making a positive difference for your place and supporting our work.

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