How to Go Plastic Free

1.Go Plastic Free!

We’d love you to join the Plastic Free July Challenge, and there are ways you and your team can go plastic free at any time of the year! 

5 Plastic Enemies
5 Reusable Friends

2.Buy eco-friendly merchandise

When you buy products from Plastic Free Cambodia, you support our work and the planet! Products are available in Siem Reap, Battambang and Phnom Penh.
Ethically made tshirts and totes! Made and printed in Siem Reap by local projects.
Stainless steel drink bottles – stainless steel is safer to drink from than plastic or aluminium, the only better option is glass! These bottles are designed for drinking water, don’t put boiling water inside because of the plastic elements.
Products are currently for sale at:


Reward a business you know!

Not every business can go 100% plastic free but we can still acknowledge the good work they do! Know a street seller who has real plates on hand? Or a coffee cart that gives discount for BYO cup? They should be applauded for doing what they can, every bit counts. So print out this poster (6 to a page fits nicely… so write several “love letters” for one place or a few!). Right click to download.

3. Where can you find these items?

Icon of a reusable shopping bag

We have nice bags for sale, made by Husk. Contact us to buy. In Phnom Penh, you can buy them at Eleven One Kitchen, in Siem Reap at New Leaf Eatery and in Battambang at Ganesha Family Guesthouse. You can also buy a reusable bag at any second hand shop or make your own with an old t-shirt! If you’re looking for Produce Bags, then our friends at Cambodian Creations, Phnom Penh have the goods for you.

Icon of a reusable glass with no straw

You can buy a reusable cup from some second hand shops. You can also use old glass jars as a reusable cup! In Siem Reap the $1.90 store next to ParkHyatt has good options and many of the supermarkets in Siem Reap, Battambang and Phnom Penh stock reusable cups and travel mugs. Check at your local coffee shop too.

Icon of a reusable water bottle

You can buy a reusable water bottle at a Lucky Supermarket in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, or in any local market (psar) in the country. The $1.90 store next to ParkHyatt in Siem Reap has many and in Battambang Heng Chhay Ly supermarket has a HUGE selection. You can also buy online with or support a Cambodian start-up: Chhlat! Also check out Refill Not Landfill for bottles of your own and water refill locations.

Icon of a reusable take away food container

You can buy a reusable container from any market, supermarket or homewares store in Cambodia! You can often buy second hand at yard sales or moving sales too.

Icon of a glass with liquid and a straw

You can buy reusable bamboo straw at Mekong Quilts shops in Phnom Penh or in Siem Reap. In Phnom Penh, you can also find bamboo straws at Eleven One Kitchen restaurants (BKK and Russian Market) and through Suck on That. In Siem Reap, it is possible to buy metal straws from Footprint Cafe and bamboo straws are available at many markets. 

Icon of a reusable take away coffee cup

You can find Keep Cups at Lot 369 Café and Bar in Phnom Penh or Sister Srey Café in Siem Reap. As for the reusable cups you can use a old glass jar as takeaway cups! Most supermarkets have travel mugs/coffee cups for sale and even some book stores.

4. Where can you refill?

Siem Reap has its first ever refill station at Babel Eco Shop and Refill Station. They have a growing selection of hygiene and household cleaning products you can refill your own container with. 

5. Where can you recycle?

Plastic bottles, cans and cardboard

Separate your waste and sell or give your plastic bottles, cans and cardboard to waste pickers called “edjai”. They are working all over Cambodia, next time you see one near your house or office – ask if they can take your recyclables. 

Old newspapers and magazines

Donate your old newspapers and magazines to Friends ‘N’ stuff, they make jewelry and fun products with them!

Used office paper

Donate your used office paper to Krousar Thmey school of blind. The students use it to practice typing in brail! Contact Naga Earth about their paper recycling workshops.

Plastic bags

Separate your waste and give your used plastic bags to Funky Junk Recycled in Phnom Penh, they knit lots of cool stuff with them! If you’re in Siem Reap you can donate your used plastic bags to ReHash Trash, they also up-cycle our old plastic bags into new items!

Organic waste

You can start a compost at home! Start with a box, put in all the waste from your veggies and fruit, what we call the “green stuff”. Then, add other items, like compostable cardboard, rice husk or any other “brown stuff” like old flowers and dead leaves from trees and plants. You can find more details on how to do it here or here.


If you’re in Phnom Penh, join Farm to Table’s KOLLECTIVE Community Recycling Program to donate your bottles. or take small glass jars to Cambodia Creations. In Siem Reap sometimes Very Berry will take glass bottles, contact them to find out more.

Tetra Packs

Coming soon…

Water Filters

Tired of carrying heavy 20L bottles of water? Easy to use water filters are available in lots of places for around $20. In Siem Reap go to the Preah Vihear Pharmacy (various locations), for the best price in Phnom Penh, Central Market or Russian Market.

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