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Working with us means you’ll get results. Our programs use informative, motivational and team building elements to produce the results you need to see in your business. Hire us to enhance the skills at your boardroom table and bring your team on the journey to reducing plastic and better environmental practices.


Stopping plastic at the source

Put environment at the heart of what you do. We’ll help you reduce the single-use plastics in your operations. Environmental practices are attractive to customers and can even save your business money. Your business can be part of the solution to global plastic pollution.

Community awards program

Be recognised by your customers for the great work you do.

Small Business Initiative

Get started on the top 5 single-use plastics, reducing one by one and gaining knowledge for your team.

Plastic Free Label

Bring your hotel into the list of elegant, luxury and boutique hotels that care for environment by committing to go plastic free.

Online learning

Join our online programs for self-learning or gaining access to solutions from remote locations.


Workshops are an excellent way to educate and motivate you and your team.


Options for you


  • understand why plastic is such a gigantic problem
  • know what plastic is made from
  • explore the local issues around plastic and waste management
  • acquire techniques to contribute to change
  • possess ideas on how to take action within the community/workplace
  • be inspired to act and empowered to change


  • assessment of current practices
  • motivational and leadership based workshops 
  • practical strategies for plastic reduction and waste management
  • advice on best practice and local solutions
  • product recommendations and support with sourcing
  • assistance implementing change through expert advice and planning
  • carbon footprint/impact reports
  • low waste events support
  • endorsing your business through the Plastic Free Label program


  • mentoring
  • online courses
  • zero waste events and conferences
  • custom programs
  • sourcing product solutions
  • guest speaking
  • events


Some of the places we’ve worked with

We first heard of Sarah Rhodes and got in touch with her, after reading an article on her speech given on Earth Day 2015. Since HAVEN opened its gates in 2011, we have constantly been working on and improving our sustainability and have put a lot of heart, thought and effort into keeping our ecological footprint small. Meeting Sarah and her team from Plastic Free Cambodia brought us a whole step further regarding the environmental trainings of our HAVEN family. With PFC we have found a dedicated partner who does expert trainings for the whole HAVEN family, helps them develop a deeper understanding for environmental issues and evokes the responsibility to respect, protect and preserve our natural world. We have built a great relationship with Plastic Free Cambodia, and will continue to build on that in the future.

Sara Wallimann

Haven in Siem Reap

PFJC team came to Passerelles numériques Cambodia (PNC) to initiate our students to plastic related issues in the framework of a month dedicated to environmental awareness. Many changes have started to occur at PNC since then. They were made possible thanks to PFJC team’s energy, ideas and talent. Students’ and staff ideas have started to evolve, also our actions, my actions! I highly recommend any organization to make the move, to experiment with PFJC both a personal and collective meaningful change.

Elise Durand

Education Manager , Passerelles numériques Cambodia

After attending our first workshop with Plastic Free Cambodia, we knew we wanted to be involved. Sarah’s powerful presentation highlighted the problems with single use plastic and presented simple alternatives. Her personal drive and determination to make a real environmental difference encouraged us to begin working together.
After attending several training sessions with PFC, Naga Earth is now able to leverage our network of partners in the community to help spread the message and provide training to more organizations. We couldn’t be more pleased to work with all the fine people volunteering their time for Plastic Free Cambodia. Together we can make positive change happen.

Tim Waterfield

Director, Naga Earth

From Our Founder

Saving the planet one coffee cup at a time

It all started with a twitter bio. Then remarkably I’m now inspiring people and businesses to reduce single-use plastics on a daily basis! I think there’s a lesson for everyone in that. You don’t have to expect you’ll be 100% plastic free overnight, it’s a process and every day is a new opportunity to do a little more, the best you can for that day.

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