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Corporate Consultation

A tailored waste assessment, 1-day team building training and action plan to get your workplace greener and healthier for your team and customers. More than ever customers are focused on sustainability to make their purchase decisions, make sure your business is the one they choose.
From AU $2,500 plus ongoing support packages available.

Site inspection and assessment
1-day on site training
Action Plan and scheduled check ins

Group workshops

Informative programs that bring solutions to front of mind and insight that you can implement in your workplace.

Session objectives:
–       Understanding of plastic pollution globally and locally
–       Learn about the impacts of plastic pollution
–       Overview of initial solutions

Session outcomes:
–       Deeper knowledge of personal/organisational cases
–       Take positive steps to put change into action
–       Formation of motives and commitment to develop further actions


Prices start from $10 USD pp

Prices start from $29 AUD pp

Site inspection and assessment
1-day on site training
Action Plan and scheduled check ins

We first heard of Sarah Rhodes and got in touch with her, after reading an article on her speech given on Earth Day 2015. Since HAVEN opened its gates in 2011, we have constantly been working on and improving our sustainability and have put a lot of heart, thought and effort into keeping our ecological footprint small. Meeting Sarah and her team from Plastic Free Cambodia brought us a whole step further regarding the environmental trainings of our HAVEN family. With PFC we have found a dedicated partner who does expert trainings for the whole HAVEN family, helps them develop a deeper understanding for environmental issues and evokes the responsibility to respect, protect and preserve our natural world. We have built a great relationship with Plastic Free Cambodia, and will continue to build on that in the future.

Sara Wallimann

Haven in Siem Reap

PFSEA was founded by an amazing and inspiring Australian woman, Sarah Rhodes, who has been fighting against all types of plastics in Cambodia. She has brought ideas, workshops, and environmental education as well as making changes for the environmental betterment. Sarah has been my role model and she has shown clearly the cause and effect of single used plastics. Instead of using a single-use plastic, I now use things that are friendly and biodegradable for the environment. Again and again, we are really happy that PFSEA was born in Cambodia and let’s fight against plastics together for a better and a greener world.

Viseth Sorng

Guide, Eco Travel Guide

Sarah is one of the most passionate, knowledgeable and authentic people I have ever met. From her workshops, her talks and even her online videos, I have learned so much about plastic and its REAL effect on our planet. I feel that I’m now a much more informed, conscious citizen of the world – I understand how MY personal choices are impacting the global environmental crisis, and I feel empowered to make better choices through my increased awareness. What I have most loved about learning from Sarah is her simple, down-to-earth and very practical approach to reducing the amount of plastic we use daily. She encourages awareness, not perfectionism. Her tips and suggestions are always realistic and “do-able”, aimed at making the transition to a plastic-free lifestyle accessible to busy individuals in the modern world. This has always made me feel like I personally CAN make a difference through the smallest of my choices, which in turn keeps me inspired to do better. Thank you Sarah, for the incredible work you do for our planet and humanity. The world needs more warriors like you!

Debbie-Lee Van Ginkel

Nia with Debbie-Lee

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