PFSEA is a social impact business, started in Siem Reap Cambodia in 2015. Founded and run by Sarah Rhodes, an Australia, who lives part time between Siem Reap, Cambodia and Sydney, Australia.

PFSEA focusses on stopping plastic pollution at the source – every piece of plastic that isn’t used to begin with has less impact on our ailing environment. Via online programs and in person workshops and consultations we address the issues around plastic consumption, pollution and solutions.

PFSEA is a business. Our impact is for social benefit however we strongly believe in sustainability at all levels. Every customer and supporter of PFSEA is helping us to reach sustainability so we can continue to work on green solutions for a healthy future.

We design and deliver important initiatives to increase awareness and encourage tackling the over consumption of plastic.

You can get involved by supporting one of our existing campaigns, such as the Plastic Free July Challenge or the PFSEA Plastic Fighter’s program.

You can read the full story of how PFC began on our blog.

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Sarah Rhodes

Sarah Rhodes


Sarah is Australian and has lived in Cambodia since 2014. She wears many hats at PFSEA and is the entrepreneur behind the concepts and programs. She’s adamant that perfect shouldn’t get in the way of good, that support and encouragement are the way to people embracing results and that PFSEA can make a difference in the world. Sarah works in various countries in Southeast Asia and her home country, Australia. As of October 2019 she is based in Sydney and spends around 4 months each year in SEA.

The team…

Sai lives in Siem Reap and holds a monthly workshop for people and groups from local businesses. Occasionally he will do additional workshops for businesses or visiting groups. Chenda lives in Phnom Penh and delivers private half-day and full-day workshops, she also travels regionally as required. 

Both Sai and Chenda work on a casual/freelance basis for PFSEA and are paid a fair rate for their skills.

We hope to have more representatives like them throughout the Southeast Asia region.

Sai Huntly

Sai Huntly

Workshop Facilitator (casual)

Sai Huntly is PFSEA’s workshop facilitator in Siem Reap, he’s committed to delivering the best he can and is creating change through the monthly workshop program by really engaging the audience and bringing them on the journey of plastic-free living. He’s an inspiration to many and wise beyond his years. He works full time at NGO Feeding Dreams, assistant to the volunteer manager, and is also studying. He brings great energy, Sai is a great representative in Siem Reap.

Chenda Yen

Chenda Yen

Senior Workshop Facilitator (casual)

Chenda has vast experience working across a number of critical areas such as wildlife conservation, women’s empowerment and children’s rights in project management roles. She is an accomplished group facilitator and exceptional communicator. Chenda is an experienced educator, with experience both in person and via media messaging. As well as her contributions to PFC, she co-owns a small socially minded secondhand store called Clothesline Resale Boutique and plays a lead role in the Girl Guides of Cambodia as a lifelong member. She has travelled extensively and worked closely with fellow Cambodians and many foreign expats and visitors, making her capable of sharing this important environmental message with various groups.


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