I’m here to make a difference and help more people do the same.

Hi, I’m Sarah and I’m the founder of Plastic Free SEA. Located in Sydney, Australia, my dream is to empower more people to take action against plastic pollution and live better lives in the process. There is so much angst around this topic and if you’re feeling like you’re not doing enough, you can’t convince others, it’s impossible to live zero waste, then I’m here to show you that you are doing enough, how you can take a leadership role and why perfect zero waste living is not the ultimate goal.

After living in Cambodia for 5 years, I was ready to come back to Australia. I chose Sydney for the amazing coastline walks and the access to nature.

SEA is often looked at as messy, but the truth is; we waste so much more in Australia. We’re a small nation, so we really have no excuse not to do a better job.

Embracing Imperfection

It doesn’t have to be perfect to be great, my whole journey has been (and probably continues) to be trial and error. But what I learned that changed the game was to stop beating myself up over the imperfections and that’s what I want to share with you. We don’t have to suffer for our ’cause’, we can do it with grace and self-compassion.

Paving the way…

It’s more fun with a friend! I’m all about the community and helping others have a support network that I haven’t had during this journey to plastic-free living.

It can be frustrating doing it alone, feeling that you’re raging against the machine, that no one gets if or you can’t convince the others around you that this way is better! So stop. I’m here to take that frustration away, provide you with the support you need to live your eco life uniquely as you, with confidence and practical steps.

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