Your action plan for environmental change

I’m Sarah Rhodes, founder of Plastic Free SEA. If you want eco solutions in your business, then I’m here to help you reach those goals and thrive. Since 2015, I’ve helped hundreds of businesses make solid environmental change that’s improved their business. Are you next?

Does this sound like you?

  • You’ve been making sustainable steps but feel like you can be doing more
  • You know it’s important to get on board but always run out of time
  • Your team think environment is ‘your thing’ and that it doesn’t affect them

I’ve helped staff and teams from around 300 organisations to bring sustainability into the conversation and into action. And I can help you too.

We start by reviewing your current practices, identifying goals and delivering outcomes.

Want results to be proud of?

If you don’t have dedicated resources in your team to focus on sustainability, it can feel like something that you should be doing but aren’t quite getting to.

It’s more accessible than you may realise. There are green leaders in your workplace that are just waiting for the opportunity to shine. You don’t have to do it all by yourself. Let’s find the hidden resources within your team.

Looking to get certified? I’ll help you get things up to speed for increased success.

My methods are thorough, will help you identify true sustainability and avoid the pitfalls of greenwashing.

About me

Inspired by the idea that one person could make a difference, I completed the Climate Leadership Corps training with Former US Vice President Al Gore in 2014 and then moved to Cambodia where I lived for 5 years – working with businesses throughout Southeast Asia on their environmental sustainability goals.

I was instrumental in the plastic free movement in the region and I’m recognised as the go to expert in Southeast Asia. I’ve developed highly successful programs that support business in making significant environmental change, in particular with the tourism industry.

I’m now based in Sydney, Australia and as well as running PFSEA in the APAC region, I provide pro-bono work to the UN Association of Australia, NSW division.

My approach is supportive, inclusive and non-judgemental. I’ll help you cut through the jargon, greenwashing pitfalls and bring your team on the journey to successful environmental change.

Let’s Get Started!

Get support, a simple plan and a roadmap to more environmental practices in your business. The way you run your business can make a huge impact.

Request a consult.

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