About PFC

PFC is a sole proprietorship in Cambodia. Founder, Sarah Rhodes, moved to Siem Reap in late 2014 where her passion for environmental protection has gradually evolved to make PFC what it is today. Currently Sarah is the main driver of all of the PFC programs, which is a lot of fun and a lot of work. There are fantastic people who work for PFC on a casual basis to help with the delivery of the workshop program. Also there are a couple of precious people who are often around for a chat and some support and advice. Additionally our pioneer PFSEA Plastic Fighters are a very special part of the PFC family – huge gratitude to Patrick, Marcus, Danny, Sally, Jess and Shauna.

You can read the full story of how PFC began on our blog.

Sarah is Australian and has lived in Cambodia since 2014. She wears all of the hats at PFC; marketing, PR, accounting, HR, etc doing the best she can to make a difference. She’s adamant that perfect shouldn’t get in the way of good, that support and encouragement are the way to people embracing results and she’s hopeful that PFC can make a difference in the world. Already doing work in other countries in Southeast Asia, she’s also got her eyes on her home turf… Australia.

A little help…

The following amazing individuals are casual staff of PFC, whilst their roles are generally fulfilled alongside work or study, they are nonetheless an important part of the team.

Sai Huntly is PFC’s workshop facilitator in Siem Reap, he’s committed to delivering the best he can and is creating change through his workshops by really engaging the audience and bringing them on the journey of plastic-free living. He’s an inspiration to many and wise beyond his years. He is also studying and has a very bright future ahead.

Kim Knorr is from Germany and lives in Battambang where she facilitates workshops in a variety of languages! She also sells PFC merchandise and is one of our most dedicated and long standing ambassadors. If you’re visiting Battambang chances are you’ll see her with her two dogs in the motorbike side car going around town to fulfil her educator and PFC duties.

Want to help?

  • As a start up business, we are grateful for any financial support you want to give!
  • Do it yourself! This mission takes all of us, check out the DIY page for tips on how to start your plastic free life.
  • Become an ambassador! PFC Plastic Fighter’s is a program to help you go plastic free and be a leader in your community.
  • Book us! By using our services you are making a positive difference for your place and supporting our work.

You can now make payments via ABA PayWay

For bank transfer to our Cambodian bank account please contact us.

For Wing transfer inside Cambodia, please send code and amount to 070 970 536.