PFSEA is a social impact business, started in Siem Reap Cambodia in 2015. Founded and run by Sarah Rhodes, an Australia, who is currently living in Siem Reap, soon to relocate to Sydney.

PFSEA focusses on stopping plastic pollution at the source – every piece of plastic that isn’t used to begin with has less impact on our ailing environment. Via online programs and in person workshops and consultations we address the issues around plastic consumption, pollution and solutions.

PFSEA is a business. Our impact is for social benefit however we strongly believe in sustainability at all levels. Every customer and supporter of PFSEA is helping us to reach sustainability so we can continue to work on green solutions for a healthy future.

We design and deliver important initiatives to increase awareness and encourage tackling the over consumption of plastic.

You can get involved by supporting one of our existing campaigns, such as the Plastic Free July Challenge or the PFSEA Plastic Fighter’s program.

You can read the full story of how PFC began on our blog.

Sarah Rhodes

Sarah Rhodes


Sarah is Australian and has lived in Cambodia since 2014. She wears all of the hats at PFSEA; marketing, PR, accounting, HR, etc doing the best she can to make a difference. She’s adamant that perfect shouldn’t get in the way of good, that support and encouragement are the way to people embracing results and that PFSEA can make a difference in the world. Already working in other countries in Southeast Asia, she’s also got her eyes on her home turf… Australia.

A little help…

The following amazing individuals are casual staff of PFC, whilst their roles are generally fulfilled alongside work or study, they are a very important part of the team.

Kim Knorr

Kim Knorr

Workshop facilitator and Environment Leader (casual)

Kim Knorr is from Germany and lives in Battambang where she facilitates workshops in a variety of languages! She also sells PFC merchandise and is one of our most dedicated and long standing ambassadors. If you’re visiting Battambang chances are you’ll see her with her two dogs in the motorbike side car going around town to fulfil her educator and PFC duties.

Sai Huntly

Sai Huntly

Workshop Facilitator (casual)

Sai Huntly is PFC’s workshop facilitator in Siem Reap, he’s committed to delivering the best he can and is creating change through the monthly workshop program by really engaging the audience and bringing them on the journey of plastic-free living. He’s an inspiration to many and wise beyond his years. He is also studying and has a very bright future ahead.

Jennifer Joslin

Jennifer Joslin

PR and Facebook Manager (part time)

Jen helps out with PR and Marketing for PFSEA. She has been living in Asia since 2011 in China, Cambodia, and now Thailand. She is a teacher and a travel blogger focusing on sustainability, expat life, and travel in Asia. She is passionate about helping businesses and individuals reduce their plastic output. 


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