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Need help bringing your team on the sustainability journey? I’ve got your back and I’ll help you bring the team together for effective environmental change. Plastic Free Southeast Asia is currently managed by Sarah with 2 freelance staff in Cambodia and growing! We specialise in helping tourism businesses, such as hotels, tour companies and tourism departments throughout Southeast Asia and Australia. Book services online or get in touch to discuss your needs!

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More than ever customers want to buy from environmentally sustainable businesses. If you’re not focused on sustainability (or confident in what you’re doing), then you’re losing market share. There is so much conflicting information it’s hard to know what’s legitimate. I help you break down the big picture so you can take effective steps and have a positive impact. We offer advisory services, are your accountability partner in achieving your goals and have a highly successful educational and behaviour change training program – all designed to accelerate your business sustainability objectives.

Where do you begin?

The most important thing is starting… it can feel daunting, to realise that you need to change. The longer you leave it, the harder it feels. Your customers might not tell you they’re unhappy with your lack of sustainability action, but they won’t recommend you and they won’t return. But you can overcome that. Here we look at the future with you, no need to feel bad about what you haven’t known or done before. I’ve got your back and we’ll do this together!

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Join a Sustainability Chat to meet like-minded people, connect and be part of a community of change-makers. If you are struggling to know where to start, or where to go next, worried that you’re accidentally greenwashing or feeling concerned about stepping away from the status quo – you’ll find connection and motivation when you join these sessions.


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