PFSEA helps you reduce single-use plastics in your life to create a healthier community and environment.

Find out how!

Do you want to be part of our plastic-free, low waste community? Whether you’re just getting started, are a eco warrior, an educator or in need of a support group – this community is for you. It’s easy to sign up on Patreon – a creative platform that allows you subscribe to valuable and exclusive content! If you feel that you just have to do something, we’re waiting for you. Discover solutions to your plastic pollution issues – be that in your house, workplace or town. You’ll gain access to a wealth of information we’ve collected over years of doing it ourselves and working with others, and be able to put those solutions into action. SIGN UP today. 

What do you need?

Education & Training

Are you frustrated with seeing plastic rubbish all over the place? Do you need want your colleagues and staff to “get it”? Focusing on reducing plastic consumption, means less waste to deal with. Join our workshop trainings or book a private class for your workplace. You’ll learn to reduce consumption and manage waste and increase your knowledge about climate change, environment, your health and the natural world. Through team work and problem solving, you’ll see amazing results. Find out how to book.

Awareness & Action

Want to get involved in big action? Check our Facbook page for events around the region that you can join! It doesn’t matter where you live; Cambodia, Southeast Asia, Australia, America or Europe, no worries, everyone is welcome. Keep July on your radar – every year Plastic Free July events take place all over the world! Do you want to take action too? We’ve made an awesome community and we’d love you to join – learn about PFSEA’s Community of Plastic Fighters here.

Consultancy & Advice

Already working on plastic reduction but want to see better results? Need some help bringing your team and colleagues on the journey? We can help you find solutions and alternatives to plastic products and help you improve the way your business manages its waste. If you are looking for an expert to inspire and support your actions, then that’s exactly what we can do for you. Read about our rates and get in touch for a chat or a quote.

Get involved!


Small Business Initiative

Be proud of the efforts you make, every small action counts and over time make a huge impact! Be rewarded for making a difference and get the help and support you need for making small steps. If you’re a cafe or small restaurant, this is for you! No need to have started or “be ready” we’ll help you with that!

What you get:

  • graphics to display at your cafe
  • training for one staff member at monthly PFC workshops in Siem Reap or online (plus discounts for additional staff)
  • global exposure via PFSEA, Fair Food Forager, Oceanic Global and Surfrider Foundation
  • priority to receive a visit from a PFSEA ambassador or team member
  • positive messaging that connects with your customers
Two participants of the PFJ Challenge in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Plastic Free July Challenge

People around the world are getting involved to be part of the change!
Can you give up plastic for one month?

These are the guidelines, your job: just do your best! 
#1 Follow the 5 R’s: Respect, Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.
#2 Keep your plastic waste in a separate bin and count what you use week after week!
#3 Share your stories on our PFSEA Facebook page!

Why Plastic Free July?
It began Australia in 2011 and in Cambodia in 2015! In 2017, over 1,000,000 people from 159 countries joined the challenge!
Ever frustrated when you get a straw in your drink you didn’t want? A take away cup when you’re dining in? Hidden sachets of sauce lurking in the bottom of the takeaway box that you didn’t even see until you finished your food?

Our use of plastic has become a serious habit and it doesn’t have to be this way. If you’re tired of excess plastic, then this July is your time to act and your time to shine!
Let’s do this together!

Two participants of the PFJ Challenge in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

PFSEA Green Label

Do you want to lead the pack on going green? Are you struggling to get your staff to feel excited about reducing plastic?
PFSEA has developed an award, specifically for cutting out single-use plastics that reward your business for getting rid of disposable single-use plastic.
PFSEA helps your business reduce all the plastic packaging coming from your suppliers, the market, staff etc.
Be recognised for the great work you do in reducing plastics in your place of work, or get help to implement those changes you’ve been meaning to make. Create a healthy workplace and be proud of it. Especially for restaurants and hotels, appealing for tourists and beneficial for all of your customers and your staff too! Read about all of our services here.
Be part of a green, clean, waste-free future!

ChubMet Music Festival 2017

PFSEA Community is here!

Want to do something, but not sure where to start? Ready to do more and put some of your goals into action? We’ve got some great guides to help you and an awesome supportive group of people to share ideas on what has worked (or not)! Join our global community get ready to fight plastic wherever you are!

Why should you care…?

  • Plastic never goes away. Ever.
    Every piece of plastic that we have created is still here on earth in one form or another.
  • Plastic waste affects fish, sea creatures, birds and other wildlife.
    Eating plastic waste is harmful for fish and marine animals, it could also be harmful for you when you eat fish and seafood!
  • Plastic is dangerous to our health.
    Plastic bottles and polystyrene/styrofoam containers contain chemicals that are known to cause cancer. Most of us have heavy industrial chemicals in our bloodstream because of the plastic we use every day.
  • Plastic pollution is a major contributor to climate change.
    In Cambodia the affects of climate change are felt intensely. Plastic is a significant part of the problem we can see and address in our daily lives.

Want to go Plastic Free?

Jump in, we’re here to help! Become a PFSEA Plastic Fighter and receive advice and support to go plastic free and be a leader in your community! Now is the best time to act and you don’t even have to have started to get involved. 

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