Plastic Free Cambodia provides education and workshops on the effects of our plastic over-consumption in Cambodia and the world.

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Our Mission

Problem we are facing

Single-use plastic is dangerous for the environment

  • Plastic never dies, it never goes away
  • Every pieces of plastics that we have created is still here on earth in one form or another
  • Plastic waste in the ocean affect sea animals
  • Plastic is eaten by fish and arrives in our plate this way

… and for our health

  • Using polystyrene boxes to hold hot food can cause cancer
  • Plastic bottles are full of chemicals
  • Today we have in our blood heavy industrial chemicals because of the plastic we use everyday

The reality in Cambodia

  • There is an over-consumption of single-use plastic in the major cities of Cambodia
  • There is a lack of knowledge about the consequences for the environment and health
  • There are no recycling options or waste management rules for plastic in Cambodia, everything ends up in the landfills, the river and the sea


That is why…

  • Plastic Free Cambodia has developed a program with workshops, advice and leadership trainings
  • We are a group of active citizens who want to live in a cleaner environment
  • We think that the change starts with all of us! Let’s change together!

Is the average number of plastic bags used per week per person in Cambodia

Average number of plastic bags used per year per person in Cambodia

Times more than in the USA

The 5R's Respect Refuse Reduce Reuse Recycle

Our Actions


One-year program

WHERE? Primary schools, high schools, universities, restaurants, NGO and private companies.
WHAT? Plastic Free Cambodia provides a full program of trainings, workshops and activities.
Education programs can also include other environmental topics such as forests, water, climate change effects.

Problem-solving and team building workshops

WHERE? Restaurants, companies, social enterprises, NGOs etc.
WHAT? Plastic Free Cambodia provides trainings, workshops, that will engage the audience through the waste management issue.

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Give up plastic for one month. Can you do it?

Every year, Plastic Free Cambodia organises a challenge (offline and online) that inspires people to be plastic-free.

Take up the Challenge!

Take the Challenge to help create a cleaner Cambodia and a healthy life for all who live around you! Do your best to use no plastic in July. Avoid the top 5 of single-use plastics (plastic bottles, plastic straws, plastic cups, plastic bags, styrofoam boxes) or pick one of the top 5 and stick to it!
Why one month? Because it has been proven that when we are repeating something at least 21 times then it becomes an habit!

Take up the Challenge!

Go Plastic Free!

Illustration of plastic enemies: plastic bags, plastic bottles, plastic cups, plastic straws, plastic boxes
Illustration of reusable friends: reusable bags, reusable bottles or thermos, reusable cups, reusable food containers

Where can you find these items?

Icon of a reusable shopping bag

We have nice bags for sale, made by Husk. Contact us if you want one or if you are in Phnom Penh, you can find them at Cloud. You can also buy a reusable bag at any second hand shops. You can also make your own with an old t-shirt!

Icon of a reusable glass with no straw

You can buy a reusable cup from some second hand shops. You can also use old glass jars as a reusable cup!

Icon of a reusable water bottle

You can buy a reusable water bottle at a Lucky Supermarket in Phnom Penh or in any market (psah) in the country. Or you can buy online with Or support a Cambodian start-up: Chhlat!

Icon of a reusable take away food container

You can buy a reusable container from any market in Cambodia!

Icon of a glass with liquid and a straw

You can buy reusable bamboo straw at Mekong Quilts shops in Phnom Penh or in Siem Reap. In Phnom Penh, you can also find bamboo straws at Eleven One Kitchen restaurants (BKK and Russian Market).

Icon of a reusable take away coffee cup

You can find Keep Cups at Lot 369 Café and Bar in Phnom Penh or Sister Srey Café in Siem Reap. As for the reusable cups you can use a old glass jar as takeaway cups!

Where can you recycle?

Plastic bottles, cans and cardboard

Separate your waste and sell your plastic waste, cans and cardboard to waste pickers.

Old newspapers and magazines

Donate your old newspapers and magazines to Friends ‘N’ stuff, they make jewelry and fun products with them!

Used office paper

Donate your used office paper to Krousar Thmey school of blind. The students use it to practice typing in brail!

Plastic bags

Separate your waste and give your used plastic bags to Funky Junk Recycled in Phnom Penh, they knit lots of cool stuff with them! If you’re in Siem Reap you can donate your used plastic bags to ReHash Trash, they also up-cycle our old plastic bags into new items!

Organic waste

You can start a compost at home! Start with a box, put in there all the waste from your veggies and fruits, what we call the “green stuff”. Don’t forget to add other items, like egg containers or compostable cardboard or any other “brown stuff” like old flowers and dead plants. You can find more details here or there.


If you’re in Phnom Penh you can donate your wine bottles to Farm to Table.


The Anana computer store in Phnom Penh has a recycling bin for batteries!

Want to go Plastic Free?

If you want to jump in, contact us! We’ll have plenty of advice and we’ll support you every step of the way!

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Our Partners


We first heard of Sarah Rhodes and got in touch with her, after reading an article on her speech given on Earth Day 2015. Since HAVEN opened its gates in 2011, we have constantly been working on and improving our sustainability and have put a lot off heart, thought and effort into keeping our ecological footprint small. Meeting Sarah and her team from Plastic Free Cambodia brought us a whole step further regarding the environmental trainings of our HAVEN family. With PFC we have found a dedicated partner who does expert trainings for the whole HAVEN family, helps them develop a deeper understanding for environmental issues and evokes the responsibility to respect, protect and preserve our natural world. We have built a great relationship with Plastic Free Cambodia, and will continue to build on that in the future.

Sara Wallimann

Haven in Siem Reap

PFJC team came to Passerelles numériques Cambodia (PNC) to initiate our students to plastic related issues in the framework of a month dedicated to environmental awareness. Many changes have started to occur at PNC since then. They were made possible thanks to PFJC team’s energy, ideas and talent. Students’ and staff ideas have started to evolve, also our actions, my actions! I highly recommend any organization to make the move, to experiment with PFJC both a personal and collective meaningful change.

Elise Durand

Education Manager , Passerelles numériques Cambodia

After attending our first workshop with Plastic Free Cambodia, we knew we wanted to be involved. Sarah’s powerful presentation highlighted the problems with single use plastic and presented simple alternatives. Her personal drive and determination to make a real environmental difference encouraged us to begin working together.
After attending several training sessions with PFC, Naga Earth is now able to leverage our network of partners in the community to help spread the message and provide training to more organizations. We couldn’t be more pleased to work with all the fine people volunteering their time for Plastic Free Cambodia. Together we can make positive change happen.

Tim Waterfield

Director, Naga Earth

Contact us!

If you want to become a volunteer, a partner, book a workshop or just say hi, don’t hesitate to contact us! We’ll be in touch very shortly!


Success Stories

I decided to join Plastic Free July Cambodia because I could see the strong implications of plastic use in Cambodia and it is clear to me that there is a lack of awareness on plastic problems amongst my family, friends and fellow Cambodians. That is why I think that the workshops that PFJC do are very important because students are able to learn about negative impacts of single-use plastic. To be honest, I did not expect such a strong level of interest from the students. It’s amazing! I really like being a volunteer of Plastic Free July Cambodia.

Hellene Sarin

Volunteer, PFJC Phnom Penh

Starting to work for Plastic Free Cambodia made me realise that we can do great things when we are all together. I am happy to be the project manager of the Phnom Penh team, happy that Sarah offered me this responsibility, delighted to work with our growing team. It’s an amazing and evolving project. We have new challenges everyday. I love it!

Charlotte Muckensturm

Project Manager Phnom Penh, Plastic Free Cambodia

July Challenge!

Two young Cambodian girls holding signs that say: I say no to single-use plastic and I take the PFJC challenge

How do I participate?

Give up plastic for one month! It’s easy!
Rule n°1 Follow the 5 R’s: Respect, Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.
Rule n°2 Keep your plastic waste in a specific bin and quantify your consumption week after week!
Rule n°3 Share your efforts on our Facebook page!

Take up the Challenge!

Take part of a big challenge, that started in Australia in 2011 and in Cambodia in 2014! In 2016, over 60,000 people from 129 countries joined the challenge!
Organize a challenge at home, at school, at work… Challenge your friends, your colleagues, your family, your neighbors…

I take the Challenge!