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Thank you for every action you take to reduce plastics and thanks for visiting our site. We want to be there for you, help you inspire others, provide you with a community who understands and the resources to live your best plastic-free life.

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What are you looking for? Whether you’re doing this by yourself, for your company, as an event organiser or as a community leader, we have services to help you achieve your best results.

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We’ll provide you with real information, sourced and vetted to give you the facts. You’ll get solutions that are practical and easy to apply, discover methods and tools you’re comfortable with that will lead to better lifestyle and environmental outcomes. It may seem complicated at first, but we’ll break it down for you to make each step easier and easier. 

Join others who’ve taken the first step to improve society, community and health. It is easy to complain about the problem and do nothing, it is bold, brave and rewarding to take steps toward greater solutions.

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Our range of business solutions are designed to help you get ahead of the pack as a leader in real environmental change. No greenwashing included.


Carbon impact assessments
Plastic reduction
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Zero Waste guidance.


Sarah is an inspiring motivational speaker on sustainable tourism, plastic reduction and entrepreneurship.


Get an extra set of hands to tackle environmental priorities. Don’t start from scratch when we can help you get ahead on changes to your business.

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Every action you take and every person who chooses to be part of the solution is making a difference. You want to be on the right side of this issue, join us today.





Meet some of the inspiring people and hear stories from this journey to plastic free living in Southeast Asia and Australia.

How to make lip balm

How to make lip balm

Quantity 90mlsTime: 20minWhy you'd want to make thisThis is a very simple recipe that takes hardly any time and will give you a lip balm that is tender and moisturising. Many store bought lip balms contain nasty chemicals and excess packaging, this way you can reuse...

It takes a village…

It takes a village…

The 5th Plastic Free July in Cambodia is showing that together we are making a difference. So here's to each and every person who's doing something this month to promote cleaner environment in Cambodia.Something has happened... something beautiful! As I learn more...


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