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15 December 2022

A sustainable end to the year.

This is a workshop where we review what you’ve done this year and use that to set the scene for January’s workshop where we’ll map out 2023.
First, we need to reflect on what’s already been achieved and dissect the lessons learnt from the year that was.

– how do we deal with soft plastics now that REDcycle is on hold?
– what did we learn from COP27?
– what went right in business this year?
– what was challenging?

Are you committed to sustainability? Then this session is a critical step in your sustainability journey.

Best Bagel, Cremorne

19 January 2023

Start the year right!

All geared up to make sustainability a priority this year?

Let’s harness that energy and set you up for success.

The start of the year is a great time to set goals, but most of those get lost as the year progresses. 

Start your year with a plan that you want to stick to! Sustainability in your business is the key to your success. Be that finding good staff, connecting with high value customers or setting your business apart from the rest by taking bold and beautiful eco action.

In this workshop, we’ll gather your goals, set you a course of action for the year and be ready to celebrate your wins!

Hosted by Sarah, I’ll be sharing some of the methods I’ve used to help over 300 businesses – this time with the lens of seeing through your intentions to implementation. 

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17 November 2022

Starting a new business with Sustainability in Focus

Setting up shop?
It’s the perfect time to get sustainability engrained in how you do things, from the outset.
And much easier than trying to retrain later, waste money on things you didn’t need to buy and go in with a mindset of doing the best you can right now.
I’ve had numerous businesses ask me where they should begin to make sure they’re sustainable from the word ‘go’ and I’ll share some of the essentials that you need to put in place from the very start to set yourself up well for the future.
Hosted by Sarah, I’ll be sharing some of the methods I’ve used to help over 300 businesses – this time with the lens of a brand new business.

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