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Coming soon, add your name below to be amongst the first PFC Plastic Fighters. There will be a small membership fee, which will be outlined when the program launches. In the meantime, sign up to find out more!

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What our ambassadors think about being part of PFC.

I’m truly grateful to have had the opportunity to meet and work with such inspirational, positive people. It was a classic case of one door closing and another one opening. I learned loads while I was in Cambodia and if I wasn’t a full-on eco warrior before Cambodia I’m definitely one now. Don and I made some special friends and I’m sure we’ll stay in touch for years to come. 

I’m now volunteering with Friends of the Earth with a big plastic-free agenda that we’re working on now.


Plastic Fighter, Somerset, UK

We would like to congratulate Plastic Free Cambodia which was founded by an amazing and inspiring Australian woman, Sarah Rhodes, who has been fighting against all types of plastics in Cambodia. PFC has not only brought ideas, workshops, and environmental educations but also made changes for the environmental betterment. Sarah has been my role model and she has shown causes and effects of single used plastics. Instead of using a single used plastic, I use thing which is friendly and biodegradable for the environment. Again and again, we are really happy that PFC was born in Cambodia and let’s fight against Plastics together for a better and a greener Cambodia.

Viseth Sorng

English speaking tour guide, Cambodia

We get a lot of enquiries to help with our mission at PFC, so we wanted to make tools and lessons we’ve learned along the way accessible to empower more people to take action. The idea of the PFC Plastic Fighters program is to give access to our resources, event formulas, tested DIY recipes and more to encourage more people to take action – we want you to be inspired to get involved and for it to be easy for you to start, continue or increase your efforts in fighting plastic pollution. I’m excited to launch this program and look forward to meeting many new Plastic Fighters!

Sarah Rhodes

Founder PFC, Cambodia

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