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Safe drinking water in Cambodia

A common fear amongst travelers to Cambodia is safe drinking water. Here’s a guide to where you can get drinkable water without using 4.6 million plastic bottles. In Siem Reap, it’s estimated that 4.6 million water bottles are generated by the tourism industry alone.... read more

Look out – it’s a giant plastic jellyfish!!

Curbing Entropy The last few months we have had the great pleasure of working with a highly motivated artist who creates sculptures from plastic trash. John Melvin has a huge list of projects under his belt and when he reached out to Plastic Free Cambodia, we wanted... read more

Opening weekend at ChubMet a green success!

When PFC partnered with ChubMet Music and Arts Festival, we were excited to make the first step on this journey, but we were also setting realistic expectations. Why?   This is the first event in Siem Reap to partner with a green organisation and try to create... read more

Help or harm? Know your plastics.

Ever wondered what the little number inside the triangle on your plastic means? You should! Find out the types of plastics that are safe and the ones you want to avoid! There are seven types of plastic, which we should all get to know, those that are safe to eat and... read more