Simple DIY toothpaste recipe

Ingredients for DIY toothpaste

Baking soda/bicarbonate soda, coconut oil, peppermint essential oils and bamboo toothbrushes are all you need for a good dental routine.

Finished product

This is with spirulina powder for calcium, it’s green in colour and has an interesting flavour – which you can mask with peppermint essential oil.

This recipe you can mix and match, or have the most basic combination or something a bit more fancy. Bicarb soda and coconut oil is a perfectly good basic toothpaste recipe. Make sure you’ve sieved the bicarbonate soda or flattened any lumps with the back of a spoon so the dry power isn’t lumpy. We find that many recipes make it quite oily so recommend that you just add the oil until it’s a consistency you like. That’s it. If you want to add a bit more, peppermint oil gives it that nice minty flavour and some people like other flavours such as cinnamon, it’s up to you. Activated charcoal helps to remove plaque from your teeth and freshen your breath, and spirulina adds some calcium into the mix. Mix up your blend as you desire using the below proportions as a guide. Ingredients:

  1. bicarb soda, 2 tablespoons
  2. coconut oil, as required
  3. spirulina (optional), 1/4 teaspoon
  4. activated charcoal (optional), 1/2 tablespoon
  5. essential oils (optional), 2-4 drops peppermint

Changing to natural toothpaste and a bamboo toothbrush saves a lot of plastic waste. It is a different consistency than store-bought toothpaste and it doesn’t foam up (because it’s not full of soap) but once you’re used to it you will find your mouth feels fresher! If you have concerns over dental hygiene do make sure you talk with your dentist to get the best care for your teeth. Let us know what other kinds of DIY things you’d like to learn about by leaving a comment below.

Where to buy these ingredients in Cambodia

This super simple recipe means that you can get the basic ingredients just about anywhere!

Nearly every supermarket stocks baking soda, we find Arm & Hammer brand the most cost effective plus it comes in cardboard which is great!

For coconut oil, our choices are Dai Khmer or Coco Khmer, they are both in glass and many supermarkets will take back the bottles to CocoKhmer for recycling. Dai Khmer’s shop at Made in Cambodia Market in Siem Reap has a refill station so you can fill your bottle there! They also stock activated charcoal if you want to add that to your toothpaste blend.

For Spirulina we go to Mademoiselle Thyda‘s in Kandal Village, Siem Reap. It comes in a couple of different sizes.

Finally for essential oils, the ones we love so far are from Samata in Phnom Penh, the have a good range of single oils (rather than blends). In Siem Reap we love Botanik Essence.